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Photo Credit: L.M. LeBlanc

1) Young Scientist Evening Mixer:
   Tuesday,  8-10 PM, Maritime Museum Small Crafts Gallery
A chance to meet one another as well as members of the IGAC and iCACGP Scientific
Steering Committees, the 2010 Halifax Local/Scientific Organizing Committees, and a
number of keynote speakers. There will be a diverse and generous menu of local hors
d'oeuvres and a cash bar. Arrive before 8PM and you can have a look around the Museum
for free.  The Mixer itself will be set among “small craft”, i.e. antique boats!

2) Young Scientist Career Board:
   All Week, Student Union Building (where posters will be presented)
Please email ys AT icacgp-igac-2010.ca with job announcements to be posted, or if you
would like to submit your Curriculum Vitae to be made visible to potential employers in a
binder next to the board.

3) Young Scientist Luncheon:
   Wednesday, 12:30 – 14:00, Rebecca Cohn Sculpture Court
Get to know one another and network with members of the IGAC and iCACGP Scientific
Steering Committees, as well as conference organizers and a number of keynote speakers.

4) Young Scientist Prize Competition:
   Judging all week, Results at Thursday’s Banquet
By submitting your abstract as a Young Scientist* you agree for your scientific contribution
to be judged in the Young Scientist Prize Competition. Prizes and Certificates will be given
for the best Young Scientist poster contributions.

5) National Science Foundation (NSF) Funding: A Primer for Young Investigators
Thursday, 12:00 – 12:45, Room 303 Student Union Building
Alex Pszenny and Anne-Marie Schmoltner will make a ~20 minute presentation geared
mainly for new/young scientists with relatively little familiarity with (US-based) NSF and/or
experience preparing NSF funding proposals, although veteran NSF-supported investigators
may find portions of it to be of some interest too.  Questions will be welcome. More details

6) Young Scientist Vision and Wrap-Up
Following the tradition of some previous IGAC meetings, the Young Science Program
Committee will be looking for eager and interested Young Scientists who have strong and
constructive opinions about the present and future directions of IGAC research.  We would
like to see Young Scientists organize themselves over the course of the week to produce a
VISION for IGAC research and a 5-minute Wrap-Up statement which they will present at
the Thursday Banquet.  Email ys AT icacgp-igac-2010.ca if you are interested in this.

7) Soccer match
               Young Scientists versus “seasoned” scientists. Wednesday, 4:00-5:30 at Wickwire Field
*A Young Scientist is either a student or a researcher who obtained their
  last degree less than 5 years ago.
The Young Scientist Program will facilitate the following: