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Photo Credit: L.M. LeBlanc

Conference Keynote Speakers
John H. Seinfeld is the Louis E. Nohl Professor in the Divisions of Chemistry and Chemical
Engineering and Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology.  Professor
Seinfeld is widely acknowledged for his research on the chemistry and physics of the atmosphere. He
has made numerous contributions to our knowledge of the chemistry of the urban atmosphere, the
formation, growth, and dynamics of atmospheric aerosols, and the role of aerosols in climate.  He is a
member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts
and Sciences.  He is the recipient of the 1993 American Chemical Society Award for Creative Advances
in Environmental Science and Technology and the 2001 Nevada Medal.  Professor Seinfeld received the
Fuchs Award in 1998, an award given every four years and considered the highest honor bestowed for
work in the field of aerosol science.  He was chairman of the National Research Council Committee on
Tropospheric Ozone Formation and Measurement and of the NRC Panel on Aerosol Radiative Forcing
and Climate.  He served as Vice Chair of the NRC Committee on Atmospheric Chemistry.

Monday, 12 July 9:30, Rebecca Cohn Auditorium